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Marketing consent is the capture of a customer's contact preferences for marketing purposes.

This experience pattern should be used in any journey where customer marketing preferences are captured.

This component is only used to capture and submit customer preferences, not view or change existing preferences.

Content guidance#

Experience pattern - Marketing consent

It is possible to change the heading and the first paragraph to suit specific context. However, we recommend using the default content as these have been signed off by the legal team.

If there is an official update to the default content, please inform the Nucleus team so that the the component can be updated.

Best practice#

This component is legally required when capturing contact preferences that will be used for marketing purposes.

๐Ÿ’š Do's๐Ÿ’” Don'ts
Always keep the same optionsReorder the options
Use at the end of a journey that captures contact information used for marketing purposesUse when collecting contact information that will be used solely for a service offering e.g. Booking an engineer
Always use inside of an ns-form componentHave any of the options pre-checked
Use only once per journey


View example on Storybook

Component placement#

The nsx-marketing-consent component can only be used in the ns-form component.


headingh tag
paragraphp tag


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