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The address selector is a multi-functional experience pattern that can be used for any one of, or a combination of, the following tasks:

  • searching for a specific address by postcode
  • adding or entering a new address
  • amending an existing address
  • selecting an address from a list of existing premises (e.g. multi-premise landlords)

Usage Examples#


<nsx-address-selector postcode="AA12 3BB" addresses="arrayOfAddresses" allowmanualaddress></nsx-address-selector>

Anonymous customer#

If the address selector hasn’t been provided with any addresses, it will start by asking for the customer to enter their postcode.

Anonymous - Customer finding their address from a postcode

You can see the anonymous state of <nsx-address-selector> here.

When the customer enters a postcode, the component will dispatch a postcode-selected event. At this point the component shows a loading state until it is provided with a list of addresses.

Multiple addresses#

When you set the addresses property of the component it will change state to display the addresses and ask the customer to select one.

Multiple addresses - Customer selects using radio buttons

You can see the multi address state of <nsx-address-selector> here.

Many addresses#

If there are 6 or more addresses then the component will display the addresses in a select drop-down.

Many addresses - Customer selects using select drop-down

You can see the many address state of <nsx-address-selector> here.

Postcode and selected address summary

Manual address#

If the customer chooses to make changes to their address, they can use the "Amend your address" CTA, this will then display the manual entry address form.

When displaying this form the manualformenabled property to set to true. You can manually enable this property if required.

Manual entry address form

You can see the manual entry state of <nsx-address-selector> here.

Component placement#

The nsx-address-selector component can only be used in the ns-form component.


addressesarray[]The list of addresses that will be displayed to the user
allowManualAddressbooleanfalsetrue, falseWhen set to true the component will allow you to edit an address manually


Each address in the addresses array should be an object consisting of the following propeties: addressLine1, addressLine2, postalTown, county, postcode, label.

The label is what will be displayed in the address list UI.


{ addressLine1: '123 Kings Road', addressLine2: 'Little Village', postalTown: 'Townsville', county: 'Surrey', postcode: 'AA12 3BB', label: '123 Kings Road, AA12 3BB'}


"postcode-selected"dispatched when the user selects a postcode to search with."postcode" - the value of the postcode entered by the user
"address-selected"dispatched when the user selects an address from the list of addresses."address" - the selected address object
"manual-address-click"dispatched when the user clicks the "Enter Manual Address" button.


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