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A pill is a small coloured highlight which can be used to draw a customer's attention to a piece of information.

Pills can be used to highlight a small item of key information to a customer. Within the British Gas experience, they should be used to attract attention to a promotional message or a notification. They should only be used to display a small detail of content and are not intended to contain lengthy or complex information.

Pills can help to create a subtle sense of urgency or to draw a customer’s attention to the value of a product or service. For example, they can be used to highlight the date that a promotional offer expires, or to feature a gift offer.

Content guidance#


KeyField typeGuidelines
AIconUse an icon to support your description.
BContentContent should be very concise and catchy, ideally between 1 and 4 words. Your content should not run over one line on a squash-court viewport.

Tip: Short and snappy content that can be quickly absorbed at a glance has been shown to perform better than longer promotional content.

Best practice#

💚 Do's💔 Don'ts
Use solid versions of iconsUse as validation messages
Use pills very sparingly, ideally one or two per journey maximum. Less is more.Create a shouty experience by using pills in multiple places.
Use a yellow pill to draw attention to an offer or promotional message.Create distraction or put undue pressure on customers to purchase unwanted or irrelevant products by overusing urgency elements.
Use red and green-light pills for dashboard notifications.Don’t use pills near a text CTA. Pills should not detract attention from your users’ next action.
Keep your copy short and simple for maximum impact.Use in the middle of a sentence
Use pills in a component with a direct CTA

Considerations of best practice#

Multiple pills#

Multiple pills within a journey will create a distracting and overwhelming experience for users. Please read our guidelines below carefully and use this component sparingly.

Colour usage#

Colour should be used consistently with pills throughout the customer journey.

A yellow pill is used to draw attention to an offer of promotional message.

A red or green-light pill can be used to drawing attention to important customer information or notification. For example, within a dashboard context, red can be used to indicate an ‘expired’ item and green to indicate a ‘new’ item or ‘success’.


View example on Storybook

Component placement#

The ns-pill component can be used in the following components:

Note: Work is in progress to add the ns-pill to other components


colourstringslateslate, yellow, red, green-lightThe colour of the pill
iconstringSee ns-icon component icon typesThe icon to show inside the pill

Specification notes#

When an icon is supplied the pill will use the media object pattern.

Design Tokens

You can change the branded look and feel of the ns-pill by modifying these options in the design tokens.

Read more about design tokens in our getting started guide.

  "themes": [
  "typography": "p-small"


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