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The ns-panel component is an empty container for each section on a page.

It provides an area to place a layout, add an optional decoration and apply the appropriate margins. There can be more than one ns-panel on a page.

Content guidance#


KeyField typeGuidelines
ADecorationChoose between a no-colour background (default) or one of the available brand colours
BTop offsetAdjust the vertical space which can affect where the decoration starts at the top
CBottom offsetAdjust the vertical space which can affect where the decoration ends at the bottom
DColumnsYou can define a multiple column layout within the ns-panel


Adding decoration to an ns-panel utilises a coloured background. It provides visual separation from other sections on the page and introduces brand colour and style.


The decoration has configurable top and bottom margins. These are adjusted separately from the content and allow the content to overlap these edges, if required, to achieve a more visually desirable layout.

By default there is no decoration applied... ns-panel-no-decoration

Columns and content#

It is possible to apply a number of columns to a layout within a single ns-panel by adding the ns-column component within it. Note the 3 cards in the examples above have been added this way. (See ns-column).

Another way to adjust the layout is to use the ns-content component within ns-panel. This enables formatting of typography and spacing (see ns-content)

Best practice#

๐Ÿ’š Do's๐Ÿ’” Don'ts
Use decoration to visually separate contentAdd decoration to an ns-panel where the previous ns-panel has a decoration
Use appropriate colour for the purpose of page in decorationsNest a panel in a panel
Include more than one layout option in a ns-panel

Considerations of best practice#

  • Treat each ns-panel as a section of the page.
  • Include no more than two ns-lockups in one ns-panel with a decoration.
  • Layout options are either a div, ns-article, ns-content, ns-column or ns-lockup.


View example on Storybook

Component placement#

The ns-panel component can be used in the following elements/components:


decorationdecorationstring(no decoration)cyan, lime, navy, blue, forest, slate, orange, red, yellow, white, grey-lightDecoration for the background, including the colour.
anonymousdiv, ns-article, ns-content, ns-column, ns-lockup

Specification notes#

  • ns-panel is always a child of the <main> element.


  • The ns-panel can only have the following children div, ns-article, ns-content, ns-column or ns-lockup, and ns-form.


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