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Contribute to documentation


Our documentation is rather important. The more help we have the better it will be.

Contributing to a page#

If you find something that you'd like to improve, change, adapt or remove; click the 'Edit on GitHub' link.

This will take you to the same page within our GitHub documentation repository

Find the pencil icon and edit this file.

Committing your changes#

Once you've completed your amendments or additions, briefly describe your changes below the 'Commit changes' section.

Within the 'branch name' field, change to update/filename (where filename is the file you're changing.)

Click on the 'Commit changes' button.

This will create your branch and show the next step to 'Open a pull request'.

Opening a pull request#

Check the changes that have been made by comparing the existing file and your file.

If you think it would be helpful, include a comment in the pull request and then click on 'Create pull request'.

Your pull request will be listed in our repository for review.

One of our team will review your pull request.

Once approved, the changes will be merged into our documentation and make their way to the page on where it all began.

Thank you#

For every little change or improvement our documentation receives from our community, we promise to give a kitten a belly rub.